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psi and distance
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Author:  Spudtech [ Thu Jul 03, 2003 1:00 am ]
Post subject:  psi and distance

Originaly posted by soad05,
ok, i need you guys to say screw it to legality and downright saftey for this post. Now dont ban this post becuase i could have just covered it up with some like "I have a friend who is." Anyway i have a pneumatic gun with a metal ball valve and 2" by 48" pvc chamber. The barrel assemble is metal becuase of the heat of the ammuntion being fired. Im firing out of it small like firecrackers called groundblooms. They weigh about as much as or slightly more than a penny and are slightly smaller then one of those rolls of 50 pennys. Now they can easily drop down the barrel for safety purposes we dont want them getting stuck on the way down so the seal is not very good. However when i use differnt types of waddiing and increase the circumfrence using tape then groundbloom doesnt seem t fly any higher. I havent had time to test it since i got the idea of adding mass which will increse the momento and threfore the distance.
See the differnce in height at 45 psi and 70 psi isint visable which might be becuase of lost air but i feel more becuase of the weight of the firecracker, imagine shooting like a used fireworks fountain out of your guns and you will see my problem/ Waht do you reccomend. Thanks

Author:  Spudtech [ Fri Jul 04, 2003 3:00 am ]
Post subject:  dude, help

Originaly posted by soad05,
4th of july is around the corner, please help.

Author:  Spudtech [ Fri Jul 04, 2003 9:00 am ]
Post subject:  more info needed, but..

Originaly posted by mta,
You don't say how long the barrel is or how big the valve is. I assume a 3/4" barrel. The things weigh a little more than a penny you say.

I'd guess the things are too light. No matter how fast they start out, they lose velocity in a hurry. Ever notice that no matter how hard you try you can't throw a potato chip very far? Same idea. Adding weight should help.

Just be sure that there is no safety problem if they explode in the barrel. I would never try this with plastic, but your gun is metal.

Author:  Spudtech [ Sat Jul 05, 2003 10:00 pm ]
Post subject:  more power more range

Originaly posted by chewy,
http://www.heliograph.com/trmgs/trmgs1/dynamite.shtml just thought this may be of intrest.

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