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Bare bones pneumatic.
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Author:  Spudtech [ Mon Jul 28, 2003 2:00 am ]
Post subject:  Bare bones pneumatic.

Originaly posted by scooter,
My friends and I are fed up with the inconsistensy and messiness (dont ask) of our combustion cannon. The cannon currently is just a 36" 1.5" barrel with a 10" 4" combustion chamber. Could I go about just hacking it off before the coupler/cleanout, adding another coupler, then add more 4" and a cap? Could I splice (you know what I mean) the ball valve into the barrel portion of the cannon? How much volume is required for the compression chamber on average, and how much pressure is normally used? We're not planning some sort of spectacular cannon, just a basic setup.

Author:  Spudtech [ Mon Jul 28, 2003 5:00 am ]
Post subject:  if you want consistancy you could always...

Originaly posted by Namor,
add a propane metering system.....

and i personally wouldn't convert a combustion launcher into a pneumatic because there may be some pinhole or larger leaks in the barrel you dont know about it because its never under constant pressure about 40 psi

Author:  Spudtech [ Mon Jul 28, 2003 7:00 am ]
Post subject:  just make a new one

Originaly posted by pacogoatboy,
the parts aren't that expensive, especially if you are using a ball valve instead of a sprinkler or piston. you don't even need a cleanout adapter if it is going to be a pneumatic, just buy a cap or a plug that fits your chamber and seal the chamber that way. you can still clean it out by just running water into the barrel end, and there really isn't anything that you need to do to the inside of the chamber once it is made. the other end requires fittings to go to your valve, and then from your valve to the barrel.

you probably won't die by doing it the way you mentioned, but i don't think that adding another 10" of chamber is going to be worth the cost of the coupler and potential for leaks.

oh yeah, the chamber:barrel ratio for these is usually between 2:1 and 4:1. you would do better to get a longer barrel and longer chamber. together they will kick some serious butt. (you can put a male adapter on the barrel and a female on the chamber/valve assembly so that you can take them apart for transportation.)

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