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 Post subject: Clear PVC Buy - Maybe
 Post Posted: Fri Jul 18, 2003 11:00 am 
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Originaly posted by pacogoatboy,
I am putting this here instead of in construction materials, because only combustion people are going to want to pay this much for pipe.

I am thinking about purchasing some 3" and 1.5" clear PVC (sch 40) from McMaster Carr. It comes in 8' sections and is expensive. If I can find enough people to go in on it with me, I will buy the stuff, cut it up, and send it out to you. So you know I'm not trying to swindle you, I would take payment after you get it, and I am just going to have to trust you people not to cheat me. If you are interested, please send your name, birth date, and the quantity of pipe you would be interested in to my email address, If enough people want to do this, I will buy it. If you want clear fittings, different sized pipe, or schedule 80, don't try to get me to get it for you. Also, I am sorry, but I can only offer to do this for people living in the continental U.S. as well. Not that I don’t love people from elsewhere, I just can’t afford to be hosed on shipping out of the country. Prices are listed below.

McMaster Carr's Prices:
3"x8' Clear PVC sch 40 - $86.57
1.5"x8' Clear PVC sch 40 - $28.64

Cost to you:
For the pipe:
I'm not interested in making a profit on this, so what I plan to do is to approximate the price of the pipe ($11.00 per foot for 3", $3.70 per foot for 1.5", profits of $0.18 and $0.12, respectively. Yeah, I can see the money rolling in…) and ask for that amount for the pipe.

Shipping to me:
I can't figure out how much shipping would be from McMaster until I know how much I am going to order, if any. I will divide the cost of shipping to my house up by the weight of the pipe I order and charge the buyers accordingly. I am going to assume that clear PVC is the same density as colored, which means 1.4 lbs per linear foot for 3" and 0.5 lbs per linear foot for 1.5".

Shipping to you:
I will ask for the price of shipping to you, whatever that might end up being. I will ship U.S. Mail – Parcel Post. They charge by weight and distance, and there is a surcharge for unusual shapes, like 5’ PVC tubes. I'm not sure what I am going to ship these in, but if I have to buy a tube or box to fit them, of course you will have to pay for that as well.

If you would like, I will include a copy of the invoice from McMaster and the receipt from the Post Office, so you know I’m not cheating you. Assuming all of this progresses nicely, I would like payment, in cash, check, or money order form, in a timely fashion. If you stiff me, I’ll hunt you down and shoot frogs at you. We all know how well they work. :-) Of course, if you would like, you can feel free to add whatever you would like to the price of the pipe and shipping for the time I spend doing this, though you certainly aren’t obliged to.

Finally, and I would hope that you understand this to be the case already, I cannot guarantee the condition of the pipe when it gets to you. If you would like to buy postal insurance along with your shipping, I will add it to the bill, but I can’t guarantee that the pipe will arrive free of scratches, scrapes, etc. I will do the best I can while it is in my possession to keep it out of harm’s way, but these are plumbing supplies that we are buying, not museum quality display cases, so I suspect that they may be a bit scuffed up in spots when they get to me. I could be wrong, and I certainly hope I am, but I don’t want anybody complaining that their section of pipe has a big scrape down the side when they get it.

If enough people want to do this, I will send all of them emails letting them know it is going ahead. I’ll also send emails when I ship the pipe. Hope to hear from you soon.
Jason Patterson

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