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temperature dependance
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Author:  Spudtech [ Thu Jul 17, 2003 1:00 pm ]
Post subject:  temperature dependance

Originaly posted by pacogoatboy,
the lesson of the temperature dependance of pvc strength.
my fool of a boss, who i got into building pneumo spudguns, was showing his friends a monster gun that his son in law had built this past january. it had two 10' long 3" chambers and a 10' long 1.5" barrel, with 2 1" sprinkler valves. i always thought that it looked like it was ready to crumble under its own weight, but it didn't live long enough for that. he had it connected to his air compressor and he and his friends went into his garage/barn to stay warm while it charged. the compressor had a regulator set at 60 psi. he would charge the gun in steps, presumably to try to pressurize it more slowly, but i don't really know why to tell the truth. anyways, he and his friends were in the garage and they left the gun on the ground outside in january in 5 degree fahrenheit weather. apparently it could not take the strain, because one of the chambers exploded completely. nobody was hurt, as they were all inside the building, but he took pictures, and chunks of pvc shrapnel had dented up the metal walls of his barn pretty badly. the moral of the story is, pvc pressure ratings are for 76 degrees, not 5 degrees.

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