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Hello, Im new. Boy do I have some questions.
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Author:  psshakespeare [ Sat Oct 26, 2013 11:19 am ]
Post subject:  Hello, Im new. Boy do I have some questions.

As the title says I am new to this forum, or any forum of this nature for that matter.
I have been plotting to create a spud-gun of sorts to shoot Nerf pocket footballs using co2 as a power source. I play scenario games and want to build this so that it can easily be multi-shot while running around. An air compressor or bicycle pump are out of the question, as well as any type of combustion. This is why I am considering co2 or propane.

Has anyone built something like this before?
Any advice will help.

(planned) gun dimensions: 2"dia x26" barrel, sprinkler valve, 3" dia x20" chamber

Questions: What would be a good chamber to barrel ratio? (I am trying to keep it 1/1 volume)
Will a 12g co2 cartridge be enough to charge my air chamber. (too much psi for sch 40?)


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