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Building a cannon for work!
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Author:  ryanzander [ Sat Aug 24, 2013 12:30 pm ]
Post subject:  Building a cannon for work!

Hey guys, newbie here.I have built oxygen-acetylene launchers before, but never pneumatic. Heres a an overlay of what I get to do. We've built a giant pinball machine for at a tradeshow. We need to build a launcher to fire a baseball to the top of the board. It is 14' tall at the top.

Our playgrounds are pvc free, so this shouldnt incorporate alot of it.
Safety: Lets not hurt anyone.
Consistency: It must fire 19/20 times
Range: Fire the baseball in a consistent trajectory 8-10'

Will be mounted on a single plane pivoting mount.

Compressor: will be mounted to back of this board, so it must be able to keep the cannon/reservoir filled, but still remain quiet. Preferably not needing a power supply more than a regular 110V outlet.

We also need to have a way to adjust the pressure to the cannon, with the air compressor shutting off at that psi.

Budget: Have to keep it low. Granted the company is paying for this, but it isn't endless.

We construct our product from galvanized steel and mid grade aluminum. O.D round sizes are as follows in steel: 0.815" 1.029", 1.315", 1.66", 1.99", 3.5", 4", 5"
These range from 7-14 ga.
In aluminum i have 1.315", 3.5", 5" these are 10-13 ga

I also have selections of flat stock, angle and square in both aluminum and steel

Our maintenance department has all kinds of plumbing stuff, and ball valves ranging from 3/4" to 2.5"

I have the ability to weld all of the materials we have on hand.

Im not worried about you guys freaking out about the burst strength of the materials, way i see it, we shouldnt need much more than what, 120 psi as long as we're moving a decent volume of air, right? anybody have starter suggestions of how much barrel to tank ratios?

I guess the biggest obstacles i have are, how do i get to limit the pressure and monitor it? And the compressor itself.

I promise to take lots of pics through the building process.
Also i know a baseball is a horrible ammunition choice, but i didnt choose it, this came from the bosses here because its play oriented. I may be able to switch ammo, open to suggestions but its got to be a decent weight to go through the pinball obstacles and cannot be bouncy. And be easily recognizable and relatable to play and childhood.

Any help and suggestions is greatly appreciated!

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